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Malibu Cricket Club formerly known as the Mayflower Cricket Club was founded in 1996 by a Los Angeles social cricket legend named Trevor Roper.  Trevor with a colorful group of British expats, formed the Los Angeles Social Cricket Alliance (LASCA) which was comprised of local pubs playing against each other on Sunday's.

Players from all over the world have found their "cricket home - away from home" in Los Angeles, thanks to Trevor's ambitious efforts to secure and maintain grounds for us to play.  After more than 10 years of league leadership, rounding up teams and mowing pitches...

Trevor enlisted American-born cricketer Paul Severn to take the reins. 

The Mayflower transitioned to the L.A. Phantoms which ultimately became the Malibu Cricket Club.  Malibu is a fun loving team that gets after it on the pitch, but also embodies the social aspects that make cricket enjoyable for all.

Trevor Roper and Clifford Severn are the unsung heroes who laid the foundation for our league.  Their dedication to cricket in Los Angeles built the platform for multiple teams to get their start.  Every game we play is living proof of the work they put in, and the sacrifices they made so we could have a home ground at Woodley.

Trevor and "Uncle Cliffie" are the truest friends of cricket one could ever have, our club is forever in their debt!


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